Photo of Lilian

Assistant Needed

I’m a young professional artist, art educator, lecturer and writer….still working, but trapped in a 91 year old body. I desperately need a daughter or son-like live-in personal assistant in order to allow me to continue working to pass on the gifts of my experience. I live in Highland Beach, near Hillsmere in Annapolis in a beautiful house with studio attached, continuing to produce my art, and teach and lecture on occasion. I offer its shared rent-free occupancy along with a small salary in exchange for the part-time assistance that I need. After the first three items listed below… which are high priority necessities for the exchange… are other helpful characteristics you might have… which could be the game-changing elements to fill the position.

  • Do you drive?
  • Do you enjoy preparing healthy meals?
  • Are you a neatnick when it comes to maintaining household order?
  • Are you reasonably tech-savvy?…and also reasonably organized by nature?
  • Do you have any degree of interest and/or ability in the writing, carpentry or art fields?
  • Do you enjoy gardening at all…and/or most anything to do with using your hands constructively?